[mythtv-users] transcoding and mythburn confusion

Christopher M. Jones cjones at partialflow.com
Thu Mar 30 01:49:10 UTC 2006

I'm getting a bit frustrated trying to get my recordings archived to
dvd. I think that part of the trouble is that I either don't understand
the documentation, or it leaves significant gaps in its explanations. So
I need someone to break down for me exactly what is supposed to be

First, I am confused about transcoding. As I understand it, I need to
transcode files in order to cut the commercials. I've successfully
created cutlists and transcoded files to remove them. This creates a
file of type .nuv. However, this file type appears to be a proprietary
type for mythtv, which ProjectX doesn't understand. Should I reencode
the file to something ProjectX does understand? If so, I'm not clear
from the documentation how I am supposed to control which transcoder
profile is to be used, nor am I clear how to set up the profile to
generate one type of file or another.

Mythburn doesn't work, either. I've been through that script top to
bottom. It fails around line 209 when it tries to run mythtvosd. Just
playing around, I put an echo "Running checkreturnvalue" just before
checkreturnvalue is called, to confirm that this was where the error was
occurring. For some reason, this fixed the problem! When I removed the
statement, the script failed again. 

Even with the echo statement, the script still failed complaining that
there was no  DISPLAY variable found. I couldn't find in the script
where this message comes from, nor could I find in the script where
projectx is run in the first place.

Could someone please: 
Explain -how- to work transcoding in mythtv, especially how to create
files that can be used outside of mythtv

Help me fix the problem with mythburn

I'm using MythTV 0.19
Mythburn sources from cvs

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