[mythtv-users] Playback stoppyand go-y. Ie super-duper-uber-jittery.

Tony Lill ajlill at ajlc.waterloo.on.ca
Wed Mar 29 17:43:27 UTC 2006

Greg Stark <gsstark at mit.edu> writes:

> "James C. Dastrup" <jc at dastrup.com> writes:
>> All the comments about 'how terrible ATI is' get pretty old after a =
>> while. The fact
>> is ATI and nVidia can both provide a quality picture in MythTV equally =
>> well. The
>> problem the original poster is having is not with his choice of video =
>> card, but his
>> choice of kernel; if you want the latest kernel, you have to wait for =
>> other
>> components to catch up. That's the way it is with all OS's, except Linux =
>> OS updates
>> are much more frequent than some others.
> I think it's premature to conclude it's related to the kernel. It may be a
> kernel semantics change. It may be an ATI driver issue or a DRM module issue.
> It may be a problem with ivtv 0.6 (though I doubt it as I mentioned it's the
> same codebase as 0.4.4). It may have something to do with some other software
> or hardware on my system. It also may just be a bug in mythtv that I've
> managed to trigger that other people haven't for some reason.
> The first question I guess is is there anybody successfully using mythtv on a
> 2.6.16 kernel? Surely I'm not the only one? If everyone on 2.6.16 has the same
> problem then obviously that's the likely source of the problem.

I tried 2.6.16 on my laptop with the latest fglrx drivers. After
enabling AGP and a strange MTD device to clear all the undefined
symbols, I got the driver to run. Unfortunately, when I go to a
website that has flash, firefox hangs immediately.

I then tried the driver from the kernel, turning on the DRI for
radeon, and got the same thing, only it took a minute.

I suspect there may be problems in the AGP subsystem in 2.6.16. On my
myth box I run an NVIDIA, which has its own built-in AGP, and 2.6.16
is just fine.

Did you try an earlier fglrx? I know that 8.19.10-1 has it's own AGP
drivers built in. Or maybe wait for
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