[mythtv-users] recordings length problem

David Beccue David.mythtv at Beccue.com
Sun Mar 26 18:25:04 UTC 2006


My mythtv recordings that are an hour long display as just under 48
minutes.  And once I get to the 48th minute, the recording will
continue, but I can no longer jump forward.

My research on the list leads me to believe that it's PAL/NTSC issue.
But I can't figure out if it is ivtv or mythtv related.

When I play the the recording in mplayer from the command line, mplayer
displays the correct length.  So it makes me think that the ivtv driver
through mythtv recorded it properly.

Maybe I have something setup wrong in mythtv?

I'm running:
	fedora core 3
	mythtv 0.19
	output via vga (not out of the pvr350)

Any ideas that may help me?


David Beccue

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