[mythtv-users] MyBlaster getattr: Input/output error

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sat Mar 25 03:06:23 UTC 2006

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 getattr: Input/output error

The instructions say (Well actually there are no instructions) - The web
page says to load Perl-TimeHiRes. No where can I find that to install. The
link on the recommended page is dead. 

I do have perl installed. I have:

perl.i386                                3:5.8.6-22             installed

Any ideas or is this piece of junk number 2? 



I understand your frustration. Linux is not the friendliest OS to learn. If
you run the script and it does not complain about Time:HiRes being missing
then its already loaded on your system. It should be with that distro.

It is possible your user does not have permission to access the serial port.
Its also possible (quite likely) that lirc has already grabbed the port.
Like the other poster said, undo your lirc, stop it from loading at boot and
verify that you can access the serial port as the user you plan to use (root
or mythtv)

Try this line assuming that com1 is the one you use:

cat /dev/ttyS0

That should return without an error if you can sucessfully access the com

BTW - For most users this program is plug and play. I should know, I wrote


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