[mythtv-users] Configure more than 4 DVB cards. Please help.

Christer Roth CRoth at runbox.com
Tue Mar 21 11:30:30 UTC 2006

Hi. I am trying to set up a backend with 10 DVB cards using mythtv svn revision 8925. Using Twinhan 1030As. I have modeified the dvb/btxxx drivers to allow for more than 4 cards and all cards now work using dvbscan etc. All nodes /dev/dvb/adapterX etc are set up correctly by udev. However, mythtv-setup does not allow me to configure more than 4 cards DVB0 through DVB3 without returning an error message. I am at work right now and cannot check the exact error displayed, but will post the error message once I am back home. 

Grepping recursively through mythtv svn i find that dvbdev.c only lists dvb adapters 0 through 3 and I suspect that this could be part of the problem. Does anyone know what changes I need to make to this and potentially other source files to allow for my 10 card DVB setup? Thank you.

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