[mythtv-users] Strange backend behaviour

Chris Birkinshaw chris at postbox.org.uk
Tue Mar 21 11:03:48 UTC 2006

I have recently upgraded to 0.19 and have noticed a few oddities. If I schedule
a recording that has already started it doesn't always do anything, and if it
does work then I am unable to stop it by changed the schedule to "do not

Auto shutdown doesn't always work - even if there are no clients and there are
no jobs running.

When I look at my recording schedules page it seems to list every episode of
anything I have ever recorded - it's massive. Is this normal?

I'm starting to think my database has been knackered by up/down grading over the
last couple of years so might start from scratch. In this case do I just need to
export the "recorded" table and import this into a clean DB to get my recorded



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