[mythtv-users] VBI/closed captions with PVR-350

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Tue Mar 21 02:31:09 UTC 2006

Is it possible with current myth to get it to display captions from
a pvr-350 recording?

I'm running myth 0.19 (from Marillat's Debian packages) and am using a
pvr-350 for both encoding and tv-out (using the decoder).  ivtv 0.4.3,
NTSC land.

If I turn on closed captioning in my TV, I can see the captions.  But
this is inconvenient to toggle as it requires popping up a menu on
my TV and scrolling to the right entry.  I'd like to get myth to
decode and display the captions, since they could then be toggled
by hitting "t".

Currently, if I hit "t" during playback, it toggles between 'cc off'
and 'cc1', but in neither case is anything displayed by myth, nor does
it affect whether the TV displays the captions.

Thanks for any help,


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