[mythtv-users] PVR-350 vs. nVidia

Nick Bartos spam1001 at 2thebatcave.com
Sun Mar 19 04:33:17 UTC 2006

After doing extensive testing/research on this I would definately
recommend the 350 instead of the nvidia if all you need to do is SD. 
Especially on a low-powered machine.  For me I can definately say it's
better quality and lower cpu utilization.  I'm just using it as an output
for the moment, I didn't need another encoder (already have 2).  If you
have enough cpu then it seems to be better to just use the framebuffer
instead of the built-in mpeg decoder.  Really the benefit of the thing is
that you can get really good output without having to do any deinterlacing
(so you don't eat up cpu doing it).

If you want to read about my (nvidia related) pain and suffering (which
drove me to a 350), search through the archives for my previous posts.

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> Hello.
> Recently, I've been looking into augmenting my back-end to function
> as a front-end as well, and I'm looking into either a PVR-350, or an
> nVidia card.
> The system has low CPU power, and relies upon hardware video encoders
> (a PVR-150 at the moment). Basically, which tends to deliver better
> quality, while delivering the least amount of strain on the CPU? I'm
> not interested in high-def (yet. My current back-end would probably
> need an overhaul, if not replacement, to do HD), so we're just
> talking about SD output to a TV.

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