[mythtv-users] Adding channels manually ?

Kevin Bailey ke-tivo at retriever.dyndns.org
Sat Mar 18 17:06:52 UTC 2006

The automatic scan picked up nearly all the channels available to me,
but missed a few. I'd like to add them manually but I'm not sure what
to put in the various fields. This is for ATSC over DVB.

For example, KCET, normally on UHF 28, has been allocated channel 59,
and claims to use 59.1 and 59.2. I put 591 in the field 'Channel
Number' but no dice. (That is, while watching live TV, pressing '5'
'9' '1' 'enter' makes it flicker then just come back to the old

I've also tried selecting 28_1 (which mythfilldatabase apparently
added) from the channel guide but this just asks me if I want to
record it. Is there a key to press to just switch to that channel ?

When adding a channel, there seems to be a second page (by selecting
'Next') where you can enter something about video4linux (e.g.
'frequency ID'). Is this important for DVB ? There doesn't seem to be
any way to look at this page after you've entered a channel, or for
channels added by the software.

I've also tried decoding what's in channels.conf, in the hopes of
finding these stations with mplayer. The big number is obviously the
"center" of the channel in Hz. '8VSB' may be the encoding, protocol,
whatever. The next two e.g. 33:36, I'm guessing describe a
sub-channel within the channel ? The second might be the audio
channel because e.g. KTTV is 49:52 for English but 49:53 for Spanish.
The last field e.g. 1, 2, ..., I'm assuming is simply an arbitrary

How to figure out what these are for a particular station outside of
trial and error is beyond me. I've tried copying the sub-channel data
from other channels and the card can't seem to sync to them. Any
ideas ?

Or some kind soul in LA could just grep for KCET in their
channels.conf file...


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