[mythtv-users] Confusion about Output Cards.

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Sat Mar 18 03:11:52 UTC 2006

Nick Ellson wrote:
> The DAV-FR1 that I have shows:
> 1 x Headphones (RCA phono) - Side,
> 1 x Monitor output (4 pin mini-DIN) - Rear
> 1 x Monitor output (RCA phono x 3) - Rear
> 1 x Component video output (RCA phono x 2) - Rear
> 2 x Audio line-in (TOS Link) - Rear
> 1 x SPDIF input (RCA phono) - Rear
> 1 x Rear center channel output - Rear
> So I have the RCA type, and if I understand it right, long well shielded 
> RCA cable isn't too hard to find.
> As for the Video, I did physically look at the back of my set, and there 
> is the HDMI connector: I found
> http://www.bestcableforless.com/search_hdmi.asp?txtfrom=GO-hdmi-dvi
> HDMI cables up to 115ft (more than I need)
> Or this site:
> http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/DVI_monitor_cables.html
> That makes DVI <-> HDMI cables and adaptors.
> http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/DVI-hdmi_adapt.html (the Key Digital 
> Swivel looks nice)
> So I get a long enough HDMI cable, adapt that to the video card DVI output 
> (single DVI I suspect?) And run along side it a RCA coax for audio SPDIF 
> to the sound system (saw no real method of making use of the Audio 
> transport in HDMI).

Isn't HDMI just DVI with SPDF and cumbersome DRM in one wire? Because 
any DVI cable run longer than X [1] will fall back to analogue, does 
HDMI have the same facility?

[1] X is a function of the quality of the DVI chip in the output source, 
[2] the cable length / quality and the quality of the DVI chip in the 
display, so your longest possible DVI run changes with any of the above 
variables along with a mysterious force called e-Qi (pronounced like 
itchy but with an e) which measures your ability / luck with all things 
electronic, remember that day when your computers kept crashing and you 
couldn't figure out what was wrong and then the next day they just 
worked, that was your e-Qi my friend.

[2] NVIDIA's on-chip DVI sucks according to Tomshardware however 
manufactures can use a third party DVI chip but how do you tell before 
you by?

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