[mythtv-users] Best version for DVB-T

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 10:55:54 UTC 2006

On 15/03/06, Dawson, Guy <Guy.Dawson at eu.sony.com> wrote:
> Nick
> It looks like you've answered my question.  Thanks.
> At the risk of asking you to repeat yourself, would you mind telling me what your overall system is, and how you got there.  As I said I am currently on 0.18.1 under FC3 with a PVR250 and want to move to DVB, so any tips and pitfalls would be gratefully received.


My master backend is using a Nova-T, still running FC2 with a 2.6.10
kernel (kernel upgrade 'real soon now') so this required patching of
the DVB code as the first kernel to support the Nova-T and other
cx88-dvb card was 2.6.12 IIRC. My slave backend is running FC4 with a
2.6.14 kernel, and the 2 V-Stream DVB Xpert cards in that just worked
out of the box.

Apart from the usual device ownership/permissions checking with udev,
I had no real issues  setting up the DVB cards. I used the channel
scanning in 0.18.1 to detect available channels and then edited them
to make their names and channel numbers consistent with my other
sources (analogue and ntl cable). I also got hold of the dvb-apps and
Kaffeine so that I can test my DVB settings outside of MythTV


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