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It looks like you've answered my question.  Thanks.

At the risk of asking you to repeat yourself, would you mind telling me what your overall system is, and how you got there.  As I said I am currently on 0.18.1 under FC3 with a PVR250 and want to move to DVB, so any tips and pitfalls would be gratefully received.

Thanks again


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On 14/03/06, Dawson, Guy <Guy.Dawson at eu.sony.com> wrote:
> Nick
> The most important aspect for me is reliability.  We don't use live TV but I
> really need a box that will always record properly.  Some posts I've see
> about 0.19 talk of recording failures which completely destroys the point of
> a PVR. If live TV crashes, you can switch over, whereas settling down to
> watch last nights must see show only to find it's not there is a real pain
> (especially if it the wife's must see show!)
> I assume than you have a later Nova T, since you are using cx88??? modules?


I have the newer (newest? purchased in Nov/Dec 04) 90002 model of the
Nova-T (I posted the lspci and modules info in the 0.19/DVB thread
whichi discusses the broken Nova-T driver). I've not had any problems
at all with recordings in 0.18.1 (or with LiveTV the few times I've
used it). I don't want to risk breaking my working setup, so I might
just hold-off for a while until the drvier is hopefully fixed.

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