[mythtv-users] Volume Control when using PVR 350

Stefan Heuberger mailing.heubi at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 09:28:32 UTC 2006

> >>>Unckecking the box "Use PVR TV-Out for
> >>>TV" enables me to do this. Is there a way to do both: use the TV-Out
> and
> >>>change the volume?
> >>>
> >>/Only/ if you loop the audio output of the PVR-350 through the line in
> >>of the sound card.
> >>
> >I actually do loop the tv-out into the line in of my soundcard.
> >
> Then do *not* check the setting "TV audio through PVR-350 only" ("TV-Ton
> nur über PVR-350").

I have it unchecked.
> > It seems
> >that activating the option "Use PVR 350 MPEG Decoder" disables mythtv to
> >control the volume.
> >
> The setting "Use the PVR-350's TV out / MPEG decoder" ("Nutze den
> PVR-350 MPEG Dekoder (TV Ausgang)") does not affect Myth's ability to
> control audio volume.  However, Myth can /only/ control the volume of
> the Master or PCM channel of your sound card.  Therefore, you must
> configure your Myth box so that the PVR-350 outputs audio to your sound
> card, which your sound card samples ("captures") and outputs to your
> speakers/receivers.  Since Myth can control the volume of the Master/PCM
> on your sound card and since your sound card is capturing and then
> outputting the audio from the PVR-350, you can control your volume (via
> the sound card) even though you're using the PVR-350.
> If you check the setting "TV audio through PVR-350 only", you're telling
> Myth not to even attempt to control the volume.  Therefore, you do not
> want this setting checked.

OK, I understood. I did the following: I checked the option "Use the
PVR-350's TV out / MPEG decoder" and unchecked "TV audio through PVR-350
only" I looped the audio-out-cabel of my PVR350 into the line-in of my
soundcard. I now have the TV sound on my speaker but I can't control volume
via myth. I do not see even the OSD, which indicates the volume. Using an
external mixer like kmix I can change the volume with master and the line-in
controller. That is what I expected. I have set the myth's internal mixer to
change the master volume. Using mythMusic there is no problem, there I can
change the volume.

Strange to me is the following: I do not change anything, I only uncheck
"Use the PVR-350's TV out / MPEG decoder" (which hides the audio option).
Now I can control the volume via myth. But this is not what I want. I want
to use the decoder.


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