[mythtv-users] Text quality for mythtv in xorg

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Mar 12 13:25:31 UTC 2006

On 03/11/2006 09:06 PM, Andrew wrote:
> I have noticed that the antialiasing does not seem to be working on my myth box.  The black edges around the word "Watch TV" are jagged. I have noticed on my other machines that the frontend looks better and those have very old nvidia geforce cards (Quadro 2).  Does anyone know what could be wrong here? Is it possible that blackbox does not support sharp fonts? or is there a problem with xorg?

Antialiased fonts are not provided by the WM (although some WM's /use/ 
antialiased fonts), but by X and libraries such as libfreetype2.  If 
you're using a packaged version of Myth (i.e. from ATrpms or something), 
it was compiled with freetype support.  If you compiled yourself, check 
to make sure configure was able to find the necessary support for 
libfreetype2 (i.e. look for "HAVE_FREETYPE2=yes" in config.mak).

However, it's also possible that a) the X resolution is too low to 
generate smooth fonts even with antialiasing or (assuming all your 
frontends are using the same resolution) b) you don't have the font that 
your theme is requesting installed on that machine.  If a requested font 
is not installed, X chooses a "similar" font (where "similar" often has 
a meaning very much unlike its generally accepted meaning in English).  
Check to make sure you have the font your theme is requesting installed, 
and if not, install it or change the theme to use a font that you do 
have installed.


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