[mythtv-users] Connecting to my TV

Robert Fitzpatrick lists at webtent.net
Sun Mar 12 17:49:14 UTC 2006

Shawn wrote:
> You'll need to install the latest NVIDIA driver as Myth User said
> previously.  I've attached a copy of my xorg.conf file for you to use. 
> This file is located in /etc/X11/.  I have the same EXACT graphics card
> (FX5500), but I'm not using 1080i resolution.  This should get you
> started, and at least get your X-Server running.
> Caveat: In the last section "Server Layout", I have specified "LCD" as
> the monitor to use.  You'll want to change this value to "TV" to take
> advantage of the S-video output on your card.
Thanks for the help, but still struggling with this. Don't know if
perhaps the nVidia driver I need is indeed installed after I followed
their instruction for installing on my SuSE 10.0 distro. I followed the
steps for updating via YaST (the SuSE control panel). I downloaded the
latest patch via YaST as suggested and restarted the PC with what I
believe to be an accurate xorg.conf file with your help Shawn. However,
the nVidia site also mentions 'People who aren't afraid of recompiling
the nvidia kernel module or even reinstalling the nvidia driver each
time the kernel has been updated and want or need to use the latest and
greatest nvidia driver can use the following steps 1-3', which is
running the install script. I am downloading the kernel source now and
will give that a try...do you think this is what I'm lacking? The latest
and greatest? Or should the patch update have done it. I took Shawn's
file and brought over my mouse and keyboard settings and other misc
settings from Files, see attached. Also, I've attached my latest Xorg
log (with some snips to get the size down for this list), I'm wondering 
why these mode problems and options are not being used - '(WW) NV(0):
Option "TVStandard" is not used'?


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