[mythtv-users] Has anyone tried upgrading an i386 to x64?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Mar 10 04:24:01 UTC 2006

On Mar 9, 2006, at 8:44 PM, Jack Trout wrote:

> I originally installed my main MythBackend/Frontend, on an x86  
> platform and successfully swapped motherboards and processors with  
> no problems and no changes to my system
> Original System
> AMD XP2200+
> 756 MB DDR266
> Soltek 75DRV4 (VIA Chipset)
> -Using onboard sound
> GeforceMX440 AGP
> 2xPVR250's
> 3com Gigabit ethernet card
> Current System
> AMD64-3200-754
> 756 MB DDR33 (I am aware that my board and processor supports  
> DDR400, but its what I had)
> Asus K8V SE Deluxe
> -Using Onboard sound
> GeforceMX440 AGP
> 2xPVR250's
> 3com Gigabit ethernet card(I disabled onboard ethernet for ease of  
> conversion)
> Every thing currently works and the onboard sound of the new board  
> is much better than the old one, the old board would put sound over  
> the speakers when hard drives were accessed, not too noticeable  
> with relatively slow transfers like watching tv, more apparent when  
> copying movies, or starting a stored DVDISO,
> Will I benifet from upgrading to FC4 x64? or should I just stick  
> with i386?
> can I just download the x64 DVDISO, and run an upgrade?
> Thanks
My understanding is that there is presently nothing to be gained in  
MythTV from going to 64 bits. I ran a 64-bit AMD Gentoo system for a  
while, and compiled MythTV from E-Builds, but had a lot of trouble,  
none of which do I believe is related to 64-bittedness (is that a  
word ??)

AFAIK all of the MythTV "distros" (ie: releases which install a more  
or less complete MythTV system on your machine) are 32-bit, even if  
you install them on 64-bit hardware.

Your AMD processor should do a good job (I'm using a 3700+ clawhammer  
core) but running in 32-bit will not hurt you at all. You would be  
better off upgrading your storage if you want to improve your Myth  
system (although you don't mention what storage you have, it can  
always be improved :-))

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