[mythtv-users] Transcoding aborted, cutlist changed

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Thu Mar 9 20:03:27 UTC 2006

* On Thu Mar 09, 2006 at 08:57:48AM -0800, Steve Briggs wrote:
> mythbackend.log:2006-03-06 05:14:15.541 Transcoding aborted, cutlist changed
> mythbackend.log:2006-03-06 05:14:15.543 Transcoding /video/mythtv/1033_200603060
> 20000.nuv aborted because of cutlist update

This can be triggered by either the cutlist editor when you save a new
cutlist or by mythcommflag running commercial flagging on a recording.
Odds are it was commercial flagging running.  Do you have multiple
backends that can run jobs for each other?  It could be that the
transcoding job was running on one machine and the commercial flagger
job fired off on another machine and triggered the transcoder to abort.
This bug has been fixed in current SVN and in the -fixes branch.

> What I ended up doing to "fix" it was to delete all the 
> recordedmarkup entries for those recordings.  I didn't 

Yeah, the MARK_UPDATED_CUT flag is stored in the recordedmarkup table,
so that would have 'fixed' it. :)

> see any obvious differences between the recordedmarkup 
> table for those recordings, but I'm not an expert on it 
> -- and it looks like it's only used for MPEG-2 recordings 
> anyways.

It is used for commercial flagging information and the seektables
for MPEG-2 recordings (and also a backup copy of the seektable
for nuppel .nuv recordings and when watching something while it is
still recording and the seektable is not yet saved to the .nuv file).

With current SVN head, the cutlist and bookmarks are now also stored in
this recordedmarkup table.  Eventually the seektable info will be
moved out to its own separate table leaving only the true 'markups'.


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