[mythtv-users] Where to dedicate processing power?

Jim Minihane min02jsm at minihane.tzo.com
Wed Mar 8 22:20:04 UTC 2006

So MySQL deserves its own machine. I'd like to (for reasons I'm not quite
sure about) keep the master without tuners. And just add more slaves if I
have to. If the performance of MythTV would benefit that much from
dedicating a machine to MySQL, then maybe I'll see about finding another
machine somewhere. Maybe another P3-600.
I've seen in here that commercial tagging is very processor intensive. If I
do enable commercial tagging, it will have to be on another machine. The
hardware I'm using for the rest of this setup isn't powerful enough to do
that and be a backend AND MySQL server.


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> > If for example, I want to build an SD (no Hi Def) mythtv system with 2
> > frontends, a backend with no tuner but runs MySQL and file storage, and
> 2
> > slave backends with 2 tuners each (assume PVR-500), which one should
> have to
> > most CPU? Most memory, Most HDD I/O.
> >
> > I'm really trying to find out what the processing/hardware
> > requirements/desirables are for the different "nodes" of MythTV.
> >
> > I've got some old hardware lying around and will be buying a PVR-500
> this
> > weekend to begin experimenting.
> >
> > Specifically I have a PII-400, P3-600, and a P3-933. 256MB each. HDDs
> can be
> > swapped around.
> >
> > Thanks again. I've been asking a lot of "what if" type questions so far
> but
> > MythTV seems so impossibly flexible I just want to confirm what it can
> and
> > cannot do before I try different things.
> >
> >
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> I'd put the processing power and RAM in one of those Slaves.
> Personally, here's how I'd do it:
> Run MySQL on that fileserver, it doesn't have to have Myth running at
> all.  Choose one of those slaves to be the master.  Give the master
> all the CPU and RAM, then setup comm flagging and transcoding to all
> be done on that host.  Next in order of who gets more power would be
> my frontend, from there it really doesn't matter.
> Chad
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