[mythtv-users] Component Output on NVidia 6200 series

Greg Oliver goliver at cistera.com
Wed Mar 8 19:08:21 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 10:15 -0800, Ed O'Brien wrote:
> I'm about to purchase an HDTV, and recently found out
> that it is difficult to get the DVI output on NVidia
> cards to work properly with 1080i output.  My original
> plan was to go from the DVI output of my card to the
> HDMI input on my TV.
> I've read a WIKI on the subject, and I know that a lot
> of people are having success converting VGA to
> component through use of the Audio Authority 9A60.
> I have an MSI NX6200TC, which has Y, Pb, Pr outputs. I
> was just wondering, has anyone gotten these to work
> yet? or is it so difficult and time consuming that I'm
> better off just buying the 9A60. If it is not a big
> deal to get the NVidia components to work, I'd like to
> use them, but if it is going to be a complete
> nightmare, I'd rather just spend the $130.
> Has anyone gotten the 6200 component output or DVI
> output to send a 1080i signal?

I have gotten them both to work, however with issues.  I go from
VGA->YPrPb and VGA->composite - my dated 65" Mits only has those inputs
(and only 1 set at that, so I use a VGA switcher when needed.)  Once I
get the picture the way I want it, Myth will do it all for me though and
I can ditch the switcher.  With the recommended 7676 drivers, VGA->tv
gives split screen.  That is fixed in 8xxx version, but I am told my
XvMC will suck.  I am moving from satellite to HD Comcast and will be
able to test then.

Also, TV out on videocard I cannot get the screen sized correctly.  It
outputs a 640x480 image in the middle no matter what i set TVStandard
to.  (Although I have not tried since moving to nvidia 8xxx series)  I
tried to revert back to 6629 drivers to test, but they no longer work
with .6.15 kernels.  Well at least not with my GeForce2GO in my laptop -
have not tried on big puter.

VGA->tv I get overscan and have yet to get a successful modeline (and
for some strange reason the picture is a little fuzzy).  This is only my
desktop on the TV we're talking.

I have only spent about 30 minutes trying to get it to work since I do
not have other than a SAT HD receiver now and do not want a PCI HD card.
I am going to use firewire on the 6200's from comcast.

Since I am playing hookie today, I may mess with it a bit more.


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