[mythtv-users] Low volume on second PVR-150

John Biundo johnbiundo at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 3 04:02:13 UTC 2006

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:

> You probably didn't find anything because there wasn't much to find.
> I complained about this a couple months ago, and added a wishlist item
> at the wiki that points at several of the messages in the thread.
> Several others have complained as well, both before and after me, both
> here and in the ivtv-specific lists.  But it's not high enough on any
> developer's priority list to get addressed, at least not at the
> moment.


> [The fundamental problem is that there is substantial variability
> among models, revisions, and even batches of cards---it doesn't look
> like Hauppauge calibrates the audio levels in any way, so it's fairly
> random.]

Thanks for the reply.  That's rather depressing news.  Do you know 
whether Hauppauge has acknowledged the problem?  Do they consider it a 
quality issue?


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