[mythtv-users] Mythfilldatabase doesn't run automatically any more

Rick ve1gn at nb.sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 1 22:47:39 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 03/01/2006 02:01 PM, James Armstrong wrote:
>>I had a problem after updating to .19. It seemed mythfilldatabase was 
>>not running. I was able to get it running eventually. I think the 
>>problem was I had the 'use suggested time' enabled, but since 
>>mythfilldatabase had never run it did not have the suggested time. Once 
>>I ran it once manually it started to work. I am just guessing here.
> Sounds like the OP's changing the mythfilldatabase (mfdb) min/max hours 
> in the DB while having "Run mythfilldatabase at time suggested by the 
> grabber" enabled may have caused it to seem to stop running (these 
> changes just adding further qualifications for when it should run).
> Running mfdb manually is probably a good way to put things back in 
> order.  Just remember not to change the mfdb min/max hours or suggested 
> run time in the database if using the suggested time (they all get 
> updated by mfdb to the appropriate values).
> Also, verify that your run period is set to 1 day (or whatever you 
> want), but note that setting that to 3 or 4 days could also make mfdb 
> look like it's not running.
> And, using MythTV to run mfdb for you is preferred as it has features to 
> make sure it doesn't run at the same time every day (unlike a cron job) 
> to help ease the load on the servers.  This is especially important for 
> DataDirect, which suggests the appropriate time to run again.
> Mike

They need to work on their algorithm a tad though.  Every few days it 
suggests a second download on the same day.  Kinda defeats the purpose.

Regarding the problem at hand, if I put anything in 'mythfilldatabase 
log path' then mythfilldatabase would quit running until I removed the 
entry and, I believe, ran it by hand once.


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