[mythtv-users] Is there a distributed filesystem available?

Rod Rod at Rods.id.au
Wed Jun 21 06:22:12 UTC 2006

Indulis Bernsteins wrote:

> An alternative would be to have a 2nd disk, with a different 
> filesystem on it (run JFS/XFS on the main mythtv filesystem, and the 
> other one on your "backup" filesystem).
> Then set up a job which permanently cycles around looking for new 
> files (find has an option to find files created/modified since XXXX), 
> and copies them to the 2nd disk. Set this up to be low priority (nice 
> -20) or to run at a time when mythtv is not recording. If your 1st 
> filesystem or disk crashes, remount your 2nd drive's filesystem as the 
> main one.
> Also, I don't think that using the Software RAID mirroring is as bad 
> as you say (ie days of rebuild), esp for mirroring/RAID 1.   There are 
> alot of other things which can cause major problems and if you have an 
> OS filesystem crash what are you going to do?  Days to rebuild, right? 
>  I think you are making life too complex for yourself and focussing on 
> creating a solution to a problem that is rare- there are a LOT of 
> other things that can bite you (do you have a 2nd power supply in your 
> server?  a standby server?).
> But that is just my opinion, if you want to have 2 filesystems, then 
> go for it!  It'd actually be a nice thing if mythtv could handle 
> multiple filesystems for storage.
> Indulis

    Just as a thought, is it possible to run a "User Job" like ...

UserJob1  `/bin/cp %1 /usr/share/backup1`

    So, using the UserJobs, to backup the file after recording to a 
designated location, this may be a way for automating the backup to a 
new location..

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