[mythtv-users] cannot get mkiconmap.pl to download icons

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Jun 13 20:36:58 UTC 2006

SF Basilix wrote:
> I seem to be having a problem when attempting to
> download the station icons for mythtv - running
> version 0.19 on Fedora Core 4. Every time I run the
> perl script mkiconmap.pl (tried it as both the mythtv
> user and root) it just keeps returning the following:
> $ mkiconmap.pl
> Calling tv_grab_na_icons...

Nobody reads this stuff? The MythTV script "mkiconmap.pl" is
calling "tv_grab_na_icons" which is a script from the XMLTV project:


Running this script directly gives the same error and --debug
is no help either. Zap2It recently changed their look and feel and
apparently your script doesn't work with the new Zap2It.

Contact XMLTV to see if their code has been updated or when it will
be updated to work with the new web pages.

--  bjm

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