[mythtv-users] upgrading an apt-get based FC system, big troubles, need help

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 9 07:54:59 UTC 2006

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> troubles,need help
> Hi,
> I've already sent this question privately to Jarod and got no answer.
> Then I posted it to this list and got no answer again.
> I can't understand if the question is too dumb, so nobody wants
> to write obvious things, or it is too difficult and nobody
> knows the answer. I can't believe it's the second case, as I know
> lots of people uses apt-get due to initial version of Jarod's howto,
> but I can't believe there isn't a known solution to the issue, either,
> otherewise there would be MANY people out there experiencing
> same amount of huge troboule as me every time they upgrade
> the system, so... I believe there IS a well known solution,
> please tell me or point me to the appropriate resource! :-)
> --------- the issue: ------------
> Since FC2, I followed Jarod's HOWTO to set up my mytboxes
> (and: thanks Jarod, without your guide I wouldn't have
> been able to get a working mythbox)
> I installed apt-get, added the extra repositories needed,
> etc. etc.  I liked it and even began to use apt-get
> on non-Myth boxes, both at home and at work, for regular
> update and maintenaince of severals PCs.
> Problem is, when I want to update from a FC release to
> the next one (upgrade, not reinstall everythinng from scratch).
> Every time I attemped it, I ended with a seriously broken machine,
> with inconsistent package versions mixed together, where
> even the apt "kickstart" package from Axel's site wouldn't work.
> I believe this is because the "update" procedure on the CD
> just ignores the packages coming from the extra repositories,
> so for example after upgrading from FC3 to FC4,
> there were still lots and lots of FC3 rpms installed in the system
> (including base packages), which however had more recent versions
> of .so libraries than the ones on the CD, resulting in an
> unoperable system where even rpm istelf couldn't be executed
> due to conflicting versions of executables and dynamic libraries.
> And you know, if rpm doesn't work, it's hard to fix the system.
> This happened on all the machines I tried to upgrade.
> This should be, however, a problem common to all who
> followed Jarod's HOWTO to setup their mythboxes, so I believe
> it should be a FAQ and there should be a known workaround
> of procedure to follow: can you point me to any resoure
> explaining how to do it?
> More specifically, I now would like to upgrade a number
> of boxes from FC4 to FC5 but I'm really scared to spend
> the same amount of sleepless nights trying to
> fix machines that won't boot anymore, as I did
> when moving from FC3 to FC4 (and also from FC2 to FC3).
> My boxes are still seriously broken after the FC3->FC4
> upgrade. I managed to recover basic functionality,
> but there are still several things that don't work as they
> should... my wish would be the upgrade to FC5 would fix
> things, rather than breaking them more...
> Thanks,
> Franco


I think your most likely got no response because you are sending your emails
to entirely the people. Although a lot of people here use FC this is a
MythTV mailing list. You should try a FC centric mailing list or forum for
these kind of problems.

You will get a faster IMO more qualified response from a list specific to
your problems.



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