[mythtv-users] Brand New MythTV Questions

Gabriel Sterling gabriel.sterling at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 04:59:16 UTC 2006

I hope these questions aren't too terribly redudant, and forgive my
ignorance.  I am a novice, especially when it comes to X Windows.  I
am like 99% of the way to getting my MythTV box running.

Fedora Core 5 (fully updated)
Nvidia GeForce4400TI
MythTv Release 0.19
PVR-350 (Using the Audio and Video Outputs on the PVR-350)
P4 3.06ghz HT
US Cable (comcast)

Mythbackend and frontend both run.
Mythfill seems to have worked, I have channel data.
X-Windows (KDE) is piping out through the PVR-350 to my TV (S-Video)

1.  Only a few of the channels are tuning in, most are just
static/white noise.  I should have channels almost all they way from 2
to 100 and instead I can only tune about 8-10 channels, starting
around 16.
2.  The channels are slightly "grainy".
3.  My Menus and all of X-Windows is slightly too big for the screen.
The edges of the desktop and windows tend to hang off the side just
enough so that the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons and such are always out
of view.

Any help with these issues would be appreciated.


Gabriel Sterling
Gabriel.Sterling at gmail.com

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