[mythtv-users] Recording PVR-500 Question.

Daris Drake darisd at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 5 15:09:47 UTC 2006

>I am creating my first MythTV box and I am curious about the PVR-500 card.
>Is it possible just one of these cards to record two things at the same 

I have this card and can say I would rather have bought two 150's. Yes, you 
can record two shows at once, or record one and watch another, or do PIP, 
etc. My issue is the signal splitter inside the card: it sucks. The splitter 
I get for free from the cable company is ten times better at preserving 
signal strength than whatever is used in the card. I personally have to call 
my cable company to get a PERFECT signal before I can even use MYTH for tv 
viewing, it is so bad. Even then, I will probably need a signal booster just 
outside the PC.

Daris Drake
darisd at hotmail.com

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