[mythtv-users] SVN build: missing libmythfreemheg

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat Jun 3 20:55:13 UTC 2006

> Usind LDD, I still see that libmythfreemheg-0.19.so.0 is not found by
> mythbackend (or frontend for that matter).  So, excuse my ignorance to the
> inner workings of myth, but how do I see where mythbackend is looking for
> that library? Most other libraries listed in LDD for mythbackend are in
> /usr/lib64. I tried to make a link to this directory from the file in
> /usr/local/lib... same problem (with the same output for LDD). LDD for
> libmythfreemheg-0.19.so.0 shows no missing dependencies.

Sounds like you need to check that /etc/ld.so.conf has the paths of all
your libraries (/usr/local/lib is not usually a default) and run ldconfig
to rebuild the cache.

If ldd can't find something thats obviously present, its the only thing I
can think of!

Robin Gilks

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