[mythtv-users] Tivo to Myth migration

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Tue Jan 31 21:48:23 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 16:41 -0500, Lee Nash wrote:
> Quoting f-myth-users at media.mit.edu:
> > Do you or anyone else happen to know of a way to migrate (or at least
> > pull out, so I can run perl scripts or Emacs macros or whatever) the
> > season pass and wishlist information?  We've currently got a combined
> > SP/WL list of at least 400, and it'd be nice to convert those into the
> > appropriate mysql rules for the Myth, so someone doesn't have to type
> > in every single one by hand (at least this time with a real keyboard,
> > unlike the TiVo. :) Something that goes all the way would be most
> > excellent, but even something that just dumps the SP/WL into a file
> > that could be massaged would be better than sitting there with both
> > UI's side-by-side on the screen, transcribing rules...
> You may want to look at tivoweb (http://tivo.lightn.org).  I think they
> have links into the season pass/wishlist data that you could use.  I
> believe the app is completely written in tcl, so you could modify it
> on the tivo without a development environment on another box.

Actually, we were discussing just that yesterday off-list.  I took some
time last night to write a script to retrieve the Season Pass data from
TivoWeb (which I have running at home).  At this point, I can get the
name of the shows and the channel callsign that it records it from.
Things I still have to do:

1. Get Tivo WishLists (this might not be too hard)
2. Figure out how to put the whole thing into Myth (without breaking my
current Myth setup - which means duplication logic, single channel vs.
any channel recordings, expirations, etc...)

Combine the new script with the old script and pretty soon I'll have a
"Tivo to MythTV migration" set of scripts, along with an accompanying
document.  I'm guessing that won't make me too many corporate friends in
Alviso. ;)


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