[mythtv-users] NFS Kernel problem

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Tue Jan 31 15:51:56 UTC 2006

Ah, corrupted library. Well, that's more realistic than a corrupted kernel (wouldn't boot!).
Unfortunately, without knowing WHICH library is corrupted I'm afraid I can't guide you in the right direction. Presuming you're running an RPM-based dist, then the fix should be just to re-download the installed version of the library and force a reinstall through RPM. Should fix your problem.

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	>>> beww at beww.org 01/31/06 8:58 AM >>>
	> On Jan 31, 2006, at 6:43 AM, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
	>> Not specifically MythTV related but it's preventing me
	>> from starting MythTV.  I have all my recordings nfs
	>> mounted, and I have a power outage last night which
	>> apparently corrupted the nfs part of my Kernel.
	>> I'm running FC3, upgraded via apt-get.  How can
	>> I repair this (or find the specifics of nfs that are broken)
	>> without rebuilding my whole system?  I'm already
	>> going through MythTV withdrawal, and I don't even
	>> have anything scheduled to record tonight!
	>Wow, I think a "partially corrupted kernel" is like a
	>"partially pregnant girlfriend". Are you certain it is
	>the kernel? Since it is stored in compressed form I
	>would think that it would fail to de-compress properly
	>if it were really "corrupted".  It's unlikely you could
	>even boot it.
	>I suppose if you are using modular nfs support the
	>module could be corrupt, but in that case it's unlikely
	>it would even load.
	>I suspect you should look elsewhere other than the
	>kernel for the source of your problems.
	>Just my thoughts, I could very well be wrong here.
	Your thoughts are appreciated.  I didn't get much
	sleep last night because of the storm that went
	through (lots of wind) and my daughters were
	both scared.  Anyway, the myth box boots
	up and all core services (dns. dhcp, squid, procmail)
	work fine.  When I try to do a modprobe nfs,
	I get some error about not being able to load
	one of the .so files because it is corrupt or
	non-existent.  I'm at work, and didn't
	think in my sleepy stupor this morning to
	write down the exact problem.  So, I think
	you're right that nfs is not "in" the kernel,
	but I can't modprobe it either.
	Maybe doing an apt-get update or something
	similar would help?
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