[mythtv-users] How do I search for movies beyond next 24 hours?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Tue Jan 31 12:10:43 UTC 2006

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Jack Snodgrass wrote:
> I am running with the semi-latest mythtv stuff built from cvs/svn.
> If I use my frontend and go to
> Search List
> Movies
> I get a screen that says 'Movie Search' at the top and I have
> 2 weeks worth of shows.

Odd, odd, odd. Yours and Wes' replies tell me that there's something
peculiar to my 0.18.1 ATRpms setup and not a mythfrontend hardwired
"feature" to only spit out 24 (to be accurate, about 27 hours' worth)
of movies as I'd first thought.

> What happens if you use mythweb and look at your movies? Do you
> get 24 hours or 2 weeks there? I get 2 weeks there too....

If I choose 'Movies' in the 'Handy Predefined Searches' screen the
cursor spins for a while then . . . nothing. However, if I choose
'Movies, 3 1/2 Stars or more,' or 'Non-Series HDTV,' I do get
the query results as I should.

I think what's happening is that some limitation, whether within
mythfrontend, mythbackend, or perhaps MySQL, is preventing the full
range of results from appearing; the other search queries work
properly because the list of results is smaller. I seem to recall Wes
saying in another post that he only uses over-the-air; Jack, how many
channels do you have? I have every single non pay-per-view/pornography
premiu movie channel available through my cable provider, plus HDNet
Movies; even the 24/27 hours' worth of movie listings takes many, many
pages to display, and I have a 1080p-sized screen. I don't mind having
mythfrontend or MythWeb plug away for many seconds, or even a minute
or two, if that's what it takes to see at once all one bazillion or so
movies available for scheduling over the next 14 days.

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