[mythtv-users] hdtv file size?

Mark Hetherington redcane at dodo.com.au
Tue Jan 31 09:19:01 UTC 2006

On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 03:40 am, Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Steven Adeff wrote:
> >> ~7-8gig/hr with commercials for 1080i
> >> ~5gig/hr with commercials for 720p
> >>
> >> of course, specific bitrates will vary depending on source and network.
> Wow. 363% increase in file size. I could add two more disks and use
> RAID-5 to bump my disk array 300%,
> but I'd still be losing a good bit of capacity.
It's a squared relationship, when you increase the number of horizontal 
pixels, you increase the number of vertical pixels in proportion. Adds up 

> I wonder when/if 
> hardware mpeg-4 encoder cards for HDTV will
> be available?
Since digital tv streams come over the air in MPEG2, it would need an mpeg2 
decoder, and mpeg4 encoder on the card. It's not as practical, and probably 
would cost more than just outputting MPEG2, directly off the air.

> Do those formats burn directly to DVD like the mpeg-2 from the IVTV
> cards? Or do they need to be
> transcoded down in resolution/bitrate/whatever before they're burned?

Standard definition is pretty much the same as dvd resolution, but HDTV isn't, 
you'd have to at least resize it I think.

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