[mythtv-users] Iwill mini PC

Jason W. jason_wilk at stircrazy.net
Mon Jan 30 07:04:07 UTC 2006

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 29 January 2006 21:35, Jason W. wrote:
>> Has anybody had any experience with these? The socket 478 system
>> comes with a DVI out.the socket 754 comes with an open AGP slot.
>> Plus they both have 6 channel audio and SPDIF out. Seems like it
>> could be a great frontend. Does anybody see any show stoppers in the
>> spec lists? 
>> http://www.iwill.net/product_2.asp?p_id=34
>> http://www.iwill.net/product_2.asp?p_id=40
> I'd got with the A64 chassis if you care about HDTV, so you can put
> an nVidia AGP card in there. Wow, only $136 USD at geeks.com, that's
> rather tempting...  

Yeah, that's where I first saw it. That's what got the wheels turning. If
you don't care about PCI slots (tuner cards) I can't see a downside. That's
why I was wanting somebody else to take a look at them and make sure I
wasn't missing something. 

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