[mythtv-users] LiveTV breaks LIRC

K Stanton stantonx at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 01:50:36 UTC 2006

I've seen a few issues posted about LIRC (lircd) working and then 
stopping, but I haven't read about my problem, and certainly haven't 
seen any fixes.  I have a SilverStone HTPC case with a Soundgraph iMON 
LCD/IR receiver built in.  I have LIRC running, and using IRW, can poke 
and see my all my remote commands over and over.  I can also navigate 
around mythfrontend.  But when I go to LiveTV, sometimes the remote 
stops functioning immediately, sometimes after up to 10 presses.

After the remote stops responding, dmesg shows nothing wrong, 
/var/log/lircd using debug level 2 shows all the events up to the time 
it stops, and no sign of a problem. irw stays working, but no longer 
shows activity.  In order to get lircd working again, I have to kill 
lircd and rmmod lirc_imon and lirc_dev (and restart them).

The only other issue/clue I can think of is that if I run  lircd -D  
with anything higher than 2, I get a seg fault.

Help!  I've been troubleshooting for days, and my friend google is 
staying quiet on this one.

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