[mythtv-users] New Pundit?

Henry Fleischmann henry at fishcasa.com
Sun Jan 29 16:06:43 UTC 2006

George Landon wrote:

>It looks Asus has introduced a new Pundit model, the P1-PH1.  It is
>only listed on the Global site, so I'm not sure about availability. 
>Looks like they stuck with ATI for the chipset though.
>Anyone have more information on this from a Myth point of view?
>George V. Landon
>PhD Candidate, Computer Science
>Digital Media Networks Lab
>University of Kentucky
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It looks like SDPIF out is still behind the door on the front which is a 
pain since you have to have the door closed to turn it on or off. Plus 
it looks like crap with the door open so connecting to a receiver or amp 
is sort of not an option. Also, if you ever want to upgrade the video, 
you are still stuck with PCI which seems to be getting harder to find on 
the newer cards. My pundit-r has been running great as a front end for 
almost a year but my next big purchase will be a replacement this system 
that gives me a few more options.

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