[mythtv-users] Double keystrokes problem in (some) frontend menus

Ramon Redondo malinon at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 22:20:19 UTC 2006

On 1/27/06, kkitchen at yahoo.com <kkitchen at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have a very strange problem using the mythfrontend. I am getting double
> keystrokes (keyboard only) navigating in the 3D, sub-menus. Example: System
> Status. All QT style, 2D, menus are fine, only the 3D looking ones with the
> boxes and shading are afflicted. That means the main menu, setup menus are
> all fine. I have tried every theme available.

Are you using a wireless keyboard?  I sometimes see this behavior when
my batteries start to wear down.

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