[mythtv-users] Have any Ubuntu users had good luck with tcrequant?

f-myth-users@media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Fri Jan 27 21:20:58 UTC 2006

[Since people here have often mentioned it, I thought I'd ask here
as well as pursuing it via the Ubuntu lists and transcoder lists.]

I just tried the simplest possible test with transcode's tcrequent.
Under Breezy, with either the shipped version (transcode 1.0.1)
or the latest (1.0.2), it segfaults, presumably somewhere in an
included library, on at least two-thirds of the files I give it,
a variable number of megabytes in.  (These are files produced
by a PVR-250 at the default 4500kbits/sec video rate.)

Under Hoary, it finishes, but running it with default options (just
-i, -o, default requantization of 1.5) produces an mpeg that's shot
through with blockiness and no real audio (just clicks and screeches)
when played with mplayer---and which crashes a 350's decoder and also
has flickers and stuttering and repeats in the small inset display
when browsing recordings.  (I tried running mythcommflag --rebuild
on it just for yucks; no change, but I wouldn't have expected one.)

Clearly, it's broken.  Anyone have any Ubuntu success stories w/it?

(All .debs, except the 1.0.1 included w/Breezy, are from
http://www.hezmatt.org/~mpalmer/ubuntu/; please be considerate
of his bandwidth and don't download them unless you're testing this.)

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