[mythtv-users] HD3000/FC4 not working

Nick cykoduck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 14:53:44 UTC 2006

> How do I change udev?  Right now my script just chmods /dev/dvb to 666 but
> changing the udev makes more sense.  Do you not need cx88-blackbird at
> allL?

Here is the steps I used

What's your data source?  Antenna or cable?

I am using pure OTA antenna.

I do have an Athlon 2800+
> that I'm currently using for something else that I can draft into service
> as the mythbox.  For the moment I was just doing a proof of concept with
> what I had lying around.  Does your HD stutter at all?

I don't have any HD stutter.

I'm thinking
> another 512MB of RAM would probably help there.

I believe this would help because when I look at my

Which output from the
> video card are you using?  Right now I'm watching on a VGA monitor but
> eventually I'm going to go DVI to my bigscreen TV.

im using the DVI to my mits tv

What do you mean?  I haven't messed with sound much yet.  What sound card
> are you using?

I have the onboard AC97 via for now, but plan to up that soon to get digital
What I was finding is that there was severe jerkiness with the  ALSA drivers
on non HD digital content

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