[mythtv-users] should I just switch to SVN

Chris Hembrow chris.hembrow at pixelseventy2.net
Wed Jan 25 09:11:14 UTC 2006

also check out mkcdrec, makes bootable complete system recovery cds,
we use it for cloning machines in work, I use it for backing up my
myth setup

On 1/25/06, Jon Reynolds <jonr at destar.net> wrote:
> kteague at speakeasy.net wrote:
> >> Q. Is there a way to use a program like "Norton Ghost" to backup you current
> >> working system so if you are stupid like me and FUBAR your system you can
> >> bring it back before the WAF drops to the point hat she starts to make you
> >> sit there and program the video (what is one of those?) so she doesn't miss
> >> here shows !!!
> >> A . ????
> >
> > I think you need to upgrade to WIFE v2.1.  It contains less bugs, doesn't nag you nearly as much, and can even do the dishes!  However, doing that will force you to upgrade to SON v1.13, which has been know to cause troubles.
> >
> > Anyhow, regardless of all of that, recent versions of Ghost do support ext2 and ext3 file systems, but not other (now, mainsteram) Linux file systems.  Nevertheless, I think you can always perform a block-by-block copy of a hard disk, but your image will be the same size as the drive.  dd can do this for you.
> There is a program that I use called partimage that will backup only the
>   partition. It doesn't backup empty blocks like dd does, only those
> with data on them.
> Jon
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