[mythtv-users] Looking for a good wireless keyboard with touchpad, trackball, or joystick.

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 23:40:43 UTC 2006

On 1/24/06, Tim <news at timandnoelle.com> wrote:
> what about this?
> http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=&Section_Id=1
> 00&pcount=&Product_Id=196807
> i had considered it until i decided i didn't need a keyboard.

I recently bought the Belkin Media Pilot. Great form factor, worked
out of the box, but a few big caveats: 1) The batteries were dead --
this is not a huge problem (since they are rechargable NiMH) except
that 2) the plastic housing construction is pretty cheap and the built
in recharger DOES NOT WORK, at least for me.

In the end I decided to keep the unit instead of returning it despite
the faulty charger -- I have a different NiMH charger that works fine
with the AAA batteries.

The keyboard is very quick and responsive, though you probably would
not want it for heavy use. The mouse/pointer works as well, though
it's a bit tricky when precision is required.

And with regards to the cheap plastic -- I cannot recommend this if
you have kids.

The Media Pilot also has a built-in universal remote, but you need to
use the included MS Windows driver to set up the remote functions.
Once they're stored, you don't need Windows anymore.

Also, if you have any problems, don't expect a bit of help from Belkin.

I asked about the Media Pilot earlier on this list (search for  a
thread called "Belkin Media Pilot Worth It?"). There was some good
info in the thread including a coupon code  that will get the piece
direct from Belkin for around $60 instead of the retail price of
around $90.

I'm going to keep it and it is a nice gadget, but I'm not sure it is
the ultimate answer. YMMV.

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