[mythtv-users] Nvidia purevideo support in Linux

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Tue Jan 24 00:08:15 UTC 2006

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> He replied that they do have purevideo support available in Nvidia drivers for Linux, but that they are only releasing them  to OEM's, not publicly because of support issues.  He suggested I talk  to some of their larger OEM's to see if they couldn't ship the purevideo enabled drivers with their cards.  
> Has anyone here seen a linux driver with purevideo support?  I don't what semantics they would use to control purevideo operation given Xv's arhcitrecture, but having this support available would be great for video quality.
> Have any of the OEM's on this list heard about purevideo support in linux?

Please check:

It states, from nVidia support rep's, that PureVideo isn't supported under Linux.

- Ken

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