[mythtv-users] Cost of MythTV Machines

CHRIS KOTTING ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Mon Jan 23 18:23:58 UTC 2006

> - How much is silence in your living room worth?

Rather a lot, a 200 kw turbogenerator is stone silent comapared to my 6-yar 
old, so...

> - Do you (and other family members) want an "ugly" old computer
> showcased in your living room?

No, so I have it behind the wall unit and use an RF keyboard and mouse.

> - How much did you spend on audio/video gear in the past?

Not a whole lot, though it seemed a bunch at the time (older gear, but it 
suits our purposes).

> - How much money do you normally spend on your computer hobby?

As little as possible. I have other hobbies, as well.

> - How many hours of recordings do you want to keep? (HINT: it's more
> than you would ever think when your building your first mythtv box)

Yes it is, but I archive off to DVD anything we deem worth keeping longer 
than one viewing.

> - When one of your hard drives fails and you lose your
> system/recordings, how much would it be worth to you to be able to go
> back in time and set up RAID?

Not a thing.  I backup my system drive whenever I do an upgrade (both before 
and after) and the /video directory (on it's own drive) can go "poof" for 
all I care, I'm only out the cost of a replacement drive.

What did I spend?
Combined Frontend/Backend SD
$36 - DVD Burner
$25 - 40 Gig HD (eBay)
$75 - PVR-150 (eBay)
$9 - Case and PS
$7 - homebrew speed control circuit for PS fan
$20 - RF wireless Keyboard & Mouse
everything else (700 mhz Pentium III, MB, 640MB ram, 20 Gig system drive) I 
had lying around the house.
Cables to hook it all together (I splurged here) $45

Total: about $220  Like most things, the key to a satisfactory purchase is 
to know what you want to do, and shop carefully and patiently.

Chris K.

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