[mythtv-users] Mac 7200

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 21 21:29:42 UTC 2006

Stephen Atkins wrote:

>Carl Fongheiser wrote:
>>On 1/21/06, *Stephen Atkins* <satkins at inetdesign.org 
>><mailto:satkins at inetdesign.org>> wrote:
>>    It does have SCSI but only the 50 pin version.  It also has a RJ45
>>    network but like the posts say its only 10BaseT.  Whats funny is
>>    it has
>>    svideo/audio in and audio out.  I've never been able to find an app in
>>    Mac to get these to work but I was hoping to use them with a myth
>>    box.
>>    Like I say if there is anyone in the Calgary region that wants a old
>>    7200/120 I think I can part with it no questions/money needed.
>>Are you sure it's a 7200?  I've never seen a 7200 with S-Video.  That 
>>sounds more like a 7500.
>Actually its a 7600/120.  Can believe I missed that.  Still no good for 
>a front end.

See my previous post -- upgrade path to G3 or G4 still applies.  With a 
G4 upgrade, the right PCI video card and Linux PPC, it just *might* make 
a passable frontend... though bus speed might be a limiting factor.  If 
you have a video card you can use, and can come by a G4 upgrade 
reasonably cheaply, it might be worth a try.  I wouldn't bother spending 
much on it, though, unless you have other uses for it if the frontend 
doesn't pan out (which is pretty likely).


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