[mythtv-users] New Install - Hang on entering live tv

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jan 21 20:51:58 UTC 2006

Bob wrote:

>Thanks to everyone who replied. I thought I would post an update even though
>I am dead in the water due to the hard drive crashing.
>1) I recorded a show. The file was created, but trying to watch the show
>resulted in the same blank screen crash that I have gotten originally
>entering LiveTV. I think this points to an nvidia driver issue particular to
>the myth internal player. (mplayer works fine). 
Because MPlayer doesn't use OpenGL vsync.

>2) I was very optimistic about Brian's suggestion of removing the "load glx"
>from the xorg.conf. I commented it out, and even restarted the machine (not
>just X) but the problem persisted.
NVIDIA's drivers are auto-loading the GLX module.  You either need Myth 
0.18.1 (or below) compiled without OpenGL support or Myth 0.18-fixes or 
SVN (which has a runtime setting in frontend settings to disable OpenGL 
vsync).  In a "short" time, though, upgrading to 0.19 will give you this 
option (and 0.19 may be ready before your new hard drive arrives... 
(fingers crossed)  ;)


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