[mythtv-users] No audio (usually) - Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!

Adrian Fox mindwalker59 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 05:14:13 UTC 2006

When running mythfrontend and watching live tv, I  get about a half second of sound, followed by 5-20 seconds of silence,  another half second of sound, etc.  Mythfrontend is print out  "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!"  I can play a previously  recorded file after installing mythvideo, and "cat /dev/video0 >  foo.mpg" produces a video file that plays correctly with sound.   Xawtv doesn't work yet, but I just installed it for the first time and  doubtlessly screwed up the configuration somewhere.
  This system used to work but I reinstalled it to match another new  install (which would be a remote front end).  The major changes  are that the kernel is now 2.6.14 instead of 2.6.9, and ivtv is 0.4.0  instead of 0.2.0.  The card I'm using is a pvr-350.  Video is  nvidia, and for sound, I'm using ALSA on intel8x0.  I've  successfully set up ALSA and used oss (/dev/dsp) both.
  After scouring google, I see that other people have had this problem  and similar problems.  However, none of the solutions work.   It seems to me like mythtv is getting a sound stream that it doesn't  recognize anymore for some reason, like the format is different.
  Has anybody seen this problem?  Is there a way to get more  information on what this error means (I tried -v 5 on mythfront end and  found the code where the error is produced, but neither told me  anything I could use).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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