[mythtv-users] LiveTV related ideas/comments

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 22:07:02 UTC 2006

> The Watch Recordings menu seems a little clunky with
> respect to this new LiveTV, however.  What do you guys think of having a
> LiveTV
> program group?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not running SVN, but I've followed this discussion and the
questions/flames/etc about it closely. I *THINK* I understand how this

The enhancement I'd like to see to LiveTV based on my understanding of how
it will work for 0.19 is the ability to set a minimum time threshold for
keeping LiveTV recordings when changing channels.

For me, I'd set that to something like 10 minutes. This would ensure that
anyone who uses mythtv to channel surf "old school" style won't fill up the
recordings menu with 15 second snippets of garbage.

This would result in (for me) mostly whole programs being recorded and I
would have no problem with them showing up just like any other recordings in
the Recordings menu and expiring first. I have no problem with that -- in
fact I think it's great. I just would hate to have so much "recording spam"
in the recordings group that it becomes an annoyance.

Oh, I'd also like a quick visual clue in the recordings menu to know that
something wasn't a scheduled recording and will expire quickly and some easy
menu shortcut to make it a regular/default recording.

My $0.02.

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