[mythtv-users] DVICO Fusion HDTV 5 Lite vs HD3000

Brandon Beattie brandon+myth at linuxis.us
Tue Jan 17 20:43:20 UTC 2006

On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 03:20:59PM -0500, Michael Haan wrote:
> > How often does it do this?  Is it always the same channel?  What is your
> > receiving signal strength?
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> Started off, this was happening in myth when watching hd recordings.  If a
> recording froze, it would consistently freeze in the same place.  So I
> manually record off of the 3000 using azap.  Playing back with mplayer
> causes mplayer to dump at the same spot everytine.  It seems to happen on
> most channels, eventually.

By the design of HD tuners, you either get the data or not, there's no
middle ground.  If you're getting corrupt data part way through it's
either because you can't write to disk fast enough (Or your system is
under a huge amount of stress) and myth's file
writer thread discards the data, or, you're not receiving a good and
steady signal.  If you're not getting good enough signal all the time then
you can't expect a tuner card to work well.  Tree's moving is probably the
most common cause of "it works good most of the time" situation.
Sometimes a plane or helicopter can block the signal long enough that
even the redundant data sent in an MPEG2-TS stream isn't enough and so
you lose data.  If an app is choking on bad data it's the apps fault, or
your fault for not giving it a steady enough signal.  There's no such 
instance as "The tuner is causing corrupted data" it just not possible.
The hardware logic in the analog to digitial converter is the same or
near identical in every HD tuner made, depending on chipsets.  It works,
or doesn't work.  ... And if it's not working, fix the signal or what
the processed data is being sent to.


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