[mythtv-users] Change Channel script to only alter Volume for first 3 seconds

Martijn MorriŽn dj.escay at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 19:22:27 UTC 2006


I have a saa7134 video tuner card (Terratec 400) the picture quality is
great and the sound works but there is one very annoying issue:
after changing a channel you hear a loud noise / hiss during the first
seconds after the sound frequency is correctly found everything is ok.

This problem has been worked around in some other programs like e.g. TvTime
by setting the volume to 0 the first seconds and then the volume is faded in
to the normal level. I haven't seen such an option in MythTv

What I would like to do is to create a change channel script that sets the
volume to 0, changes channel and after 3 seconds e.g. restores the level. An
example of such a script has been created and can be seen at

But my problem is that I have Fedora Core 4 running (Jarod Wilson's howto)
and I don't have v4l tools installed so I have no v4lctl to change channels.
I can only find Suse 10 rpms to install v4l tools, is this gonna work on
Fedora Core 4 ??

My questions:
- is there an option in MythTv to fade in after changing channels? If not:
- how can I change channels from a command line, is there an MythTv API I
can 'talk' to? or do I need v4lctl, are there alternatives?

Suggestions, hints etc are welcome!
thank you,


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