[mythtv-users] Mythtv - hardware

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jan 16 16:16:27 UTC 2006

Steve Adeff wrote:
> On Friday 13 January 2006 14:31, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> Steve Adeff wrote:
>>> the socket 754 doesn't give much upgrade options, which may or may not
>>> bother you. Everything else looks fine. 1080p playback should be fine
>>> too.
>> Buying for upgrade is a bad choice, IMHO.  Even if you buy a 939-pin
>> processor right now, unless you buy an upgrade processor really soon,
>> you'll have missed out because AMD is switching to socket M2 (the
>> 940-pin dual-channel memory capable socket) this year.  Since you can't
>> buy socket M2 motherboards/CPU's now, what's the point in buying a
>> 939-pin for "upgrade options?"
>> Besides, when it comes time to "upgrade," you're usually better off
>> buying a new system, anyway.  Think of all the pieces of the computer
>> that change on varying schedules--case/power supply style (AT/ATX/BTU--I
>> mean BTX ;), RAM (DRAM (in all its versions)/SDR SDRAM/RDRAM/DDR
>> SDRAM/DDR2 SDRAM/XDR), buses (EISA/PCI/PCI-E and VLB/AGP 3.3v/AGP 1.5v
>> and IDE/EIDE/SATA not to mention AMR/ACR/CNR), and we've already
>> mentioned processor sockets.  And, the examples are just the ones that
>> have already changed--no future versions are listed.
> true, but even with M2, I'd be perfectly happy purchasing an Athlon64 X2 in a 
> year for cheap to put in the 939 socket and using it as a remote 
> frontend/mythcommflag machine. I don't see my use of MythTV requiring more 
> CPU than what is currently needed for HD playback for quite a while,
Think MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) on HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray...  Takes more CPU 
than is currently available.

>  so I'd 
> be happy with getting whatever the fastest processer is that can fit in 939 
> while they're still cheap.
> Granted, for a gaming machine, I'd agree with you, but for a dedicated MythTV 
> machine, I don't see requirements increasing for a while.
And that's a valid opinion, but one which differs from mine.  :)


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