[mythtv-users] Nearly 100% install of MYTHYV...

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 02:00:49 UTC 2006

On 16/01/06, Jerry McBride <mcbrides9 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 19:55, Nick wrote:
> > When I've seem MythTV failing to start properly using init scripts
> > I've found that sometimes there is a /.mythtv folder with an
> > incorrectly setup mysql.txt file. During init, root's home directory
> > can be / in addition to /root, both of which can contain a .mythtv
> > folder containing the DB details. Fixing up the contents of the
> > /.mythtv/mysql.txt file fixed the DB connection details which had been
> > stopping the mythbackend from starting.
> >
> After running updatedb/slocate I found exactly 3 mysql.txt files. I eliminated
> all but one and... it's still the same situation.

Which one did you keep? I'd have cautiously kept all of them
(identical copies) before removing them if the problem persisted.

> Thanks for the tip though.
> > Starting the process when the system had fully booted (when the user's
> > environment was going to be /root or /home/$MYTHBACKEND_USER) would be
> > fine because the mysql.txt files for these users were correct.
> >
> This makes sense to me save one thing... Even after the computer is fully
> booted, try to execute the mythbackend script from a command line fails...
> But executing mythbackend as a program succeeds.
> It's not a real show stopper by far, just one of those things I can't fix...

(probably nothing) Any chance that the extra "--" in the startup
command (between my >> <<) is causing a problem?:

--background >> -- << --verbose ${MYTH_VERBOSE} \

Finally, have you checked the mythbackend log for entries before the
backend failed? I don't see any mention of this in the thread, but it
might contains very useful information, especially as the script can
be run with verbose logging.


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