[mythtv-users] Jump Back and Jump Ahead Amounts

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Jan 15 07:40:29 UTC 2006

> I just upgraded from 0.18.2 to svn.  A few of the settings changed
> mysteriously.
> I used to have customized settings for FastForwardAmount, RewindAmount,
> and JumpAmount, but they've reverted back to the defaults of 30, 5, and
> 1 respectively.

SVN uses "playback groups".  You need to set the jump amounts for the
"Default" playback group.  The Playback Groups settings page is under
the  Setup -> TV Settings -> Playback Groups.

Playback groups allow you to have different playback settings for
different groups of recordings, so you could have one set for sports
programs and one for television series and one for movies, etc..


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